Friday May 20, 2022


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Hi, I’m Jane Palombo & I’m your friendly neighborhood freelance writer.

I use my skills to help spread accurate information about topics I’m passionate about. My work covers three main niches; animals, traveling, and holistic health. I help my clients by researching important topics and creating easy-to-read articles.

Create A Positive Impact With Your Content

Anyone can write, but not every writer can create content that is informational and helpful while also maintaining a cheery and friendly tone. Lucky for you, I happen to know a great writer who can accomplish all this and more.

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Holistic Health

After studying writing and psychology as an undergrad, I became interested in mindful practices to encourage better mental and physical health. Thanks to years of practicing methods like meditation and yoga, I have a personal devotion and understanding of holistic health and the many benefits it provides.


I volunteered at an animal shelter for five years and learned how to care for rescue animals. There I developed an even deeper compassion for animals and went on to complete a research-based internship at my local zoo. My field experience makes it easy for me to communicate helpful information in an informal tone.


I take trips often and I do extensive research before I travel. I’ve visited cities such as Niagara Falls, Orlando, N.Y.C., London, Florence, and many more. My experiences provided me with a deeper knowledge of travel tips and tricks. After years of practice, I have a vast understanding of how to get the most out of traveling.

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